Stewards of the Heartlands

The Bravas Wood Farms Steak Sammie

Wood Farms Angus beef now also available in Steak Sammie just 8 miles from farm

A Wood Farms Steak Sammie joins the menu at Bravas on Fairfield in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Restaurant owner Bo Gonzalez already sourced his hamburger meat from Wood Farms' non-GMO, antibiotic-free Angus beef, and now he offers more of the locally-sourced goodness in a 4-ounce tender steak cut in the sandwich that includes Horsey Sauce, Bravas Steak Sauce, and is topped with crispy fried onions. Gluten free buns are also always an option at Bravas. Only 8 miles separate this Farm from its Table. Eat 'em up!

The making of the Bravas Wood Farms Steak Sammie

Watch as Bravas chef Nina and owner Bo create the Wood Farms Steak Sammie in the slideshow below. Scroll over pictures for captions.

  • Seasoning
  • Bo Gonzalez
  • The grilling begins
  • Toasting the bun
  • Horsey sauce
  • Flipping
  • Building Steak Sammie
  • Building up
  • Artful onions
  • The Bravas Wood Farms Steak Sammie
  • Order up
  • Glamour Sammie