Stewards of the Heartlands

Bravas Burgers on Fairfield Avenue in Fort Wayne, Indiana

Bravas burgers from Wood Farms beef

This morning at Bravas Burgers, we photographed the preparation of Wood Farms fresh, non-GMO, antibiotic-free Angus beef for the day's customers.

Bravas Burgers of Fort Wayne, Indiana, was keen to source fresh, non-GMO, antibiotic-free beef that is sourced from local ethical farms that produce sustainable high-quality beef that is well-marbled and flavorsome. They looked no further than a local Fort Wayne beef producer, Wood Farms, that breeds and raises high-quality Angus beef from its family farm based on principles of ethical animal welfare and care for the individual animal. Wood Farms embraces the terms of the Ancient Contract based on the simple principle that "as we take care of our animals, they take care of us."

Moreover, Wood Farms has endeavored over many years to select their Angus genetics for meat quality to meet the discerning requirements of chefs and consumers of beef products.

As stewards of the American heartland, it is this combination of ethical animal agriculture, combined directly with the restaurateurs and consumers, that supports the local rural community and provides high quality, nutritious beef sourced from a local farm that practices the highest levels of animal care and stockmanship.

Bravas sources Angus beef cuts from Wood Farms and prepares its own hamburger meat using every bit of beef to produce its hamburgers and other products. Bravas even renders the excess fat into a high quality cooking product for restaurants and for use in dog treats. Virtually nothing is wasted.

This partnership of Bravas Burgers and Wood Farms is a great example of the growing "locavore" trend of supporting local food producers by discerning local restaurateurs and consumers.

Below is a slideshow of morning preparation for lunchtime at Bravas Burgers. Hovering your finger or cursor over an image displays a caption.

  • Bravas Burgers
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Lunch at Bravas Burgers